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Health Insurance

While nobody plans to get sick or have an accident, unfortunately life is full of unexpected events that force us to seek medical advice and treatment. When these situations arise, your best financial defense is to have adequate health insurance.

Having health insurance can be compared to wearing a seat belt while you're driving. We all know seat belts can save lives, but only if you're buckled up before an accident occurs! The same concept applies with health insurance, in that you should be adequately covered before a need arises for costly medical care.

Health insurance, whether it's a group plan, individual or family plan, or a government-sponsored program, can help assure you won't be wiped out financially due to an unexpected event nor have to rely on an emergency room for medical treatment.

Please review the pages below to learn more about health insurance programs and how you are impacted by the 2010 health care reform legislation known as the ACA (Affordable Care Act). If you would like specific information on individual health insurance plans, please Request a Custom Quote.

Since being implemented in 2014, the ACA mandates having health insurance with EHB (Essential Health Benefits) or otherwise pay a penalty based on income.

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